While I have been doing a lot of writing since I was young, I don’t really consider it being a proper blog. Though if that’s actually another form of blogging as well as making posts in social media, then I was wrong about myself about believing I wasn’t doing a blog.

The kind of blogger I’ll am and this site will be random; I don’t have any specific plan or genre–I just write whatever comes into my mind. That includes the stories I’ve been writing since I was a child. This will also include some of my reviews about anime I’ve watched and games I’ve played.

I feel satisfied when I’m writing, not just drawing or reading–not only I’m able to share my ideas, I’m also sharing a piece of myself.

I hope I can improve and achieve whatever goals I have and as well as the readers to enjoy what they’ve read. And I also hope that whoever reads any of what I put here will not only understand me a bit but also satisfied with what I wrote.



I like to draw characters and write stories, and my hobbies are playing games and watching anime. Even if how I write seems enthusiastic and proper, I am quite a quiet and shy girl.

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