OZMAFIA!! (オズマフィア) is a Japanese visual novel otome game by Poni-Pachet and localized for English by MangaGamer.

The story is about a young girl who wakes up in an unfamiliar town with no memories including her own name. The first person she meets suddenly attacks and chases her without her knowing why. As she ran away from her pursuer, she meets two more men and they protect her from him. She is then taken in by them as a guest of the Oz Family, a mafia organization.

More information can be seen at its official website or its English version at MangaGamer’s official website.

CGCharacter ✿ Route ✿

On April 2015, Poni-Pachet made an April Fools joke game entitled “GRIMMMAFIA!!”, in which the heroine is taken in by Scarlet of the Grimm Family instead after she was being chased by Caesar in the beginning of the story.

The story is similar to the original’s prologue, and lasts up to when she is introduced to the rest of the families. Another difference is that there are no voice audios provided. The game is available to play and can be downloaded from its official website.


A spin-off anime adaption was aired on July 2016 until September 2016 starring Scarlet as the protagonist. It is on a school setting and an episode runs for about four minutes each. More information on the anime can be seen at its official website.

The anime starts off with Scarlet entering Oz Academy as a new student, but as he accidentally got lost on his way he meets Caesar, the school’s security guard, and suddenly chases after him because he thought he was an intruder. He soon meets Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel who were waiting for him at the main entrance, and managed to stop and convince Caesar that he was a student, and then introduced themselves as his teachers. The game’s heroine Fuka is shown only during the end credits.



I like to draw characters and write stories, and my hobbies are playing games and watching anime. Even if how I write seems enthusiastic and proper, I am quite a quiet and shy girl.

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