Ozmafia!! — Fuka

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The amnesiac heroine of the story. Her name can be changed when prompted.

At the start of the story, she woke up in an alley and with no memories. She then meets Caesar who suddenly attacked and chased her, until she was saved by Caramia and Kyrie.

Fuka is kind, carefree and innocent, and sometimes being called either foolish or an idiot (and any insult mostly by Kyrie). She is also naive and gullible so she is easily fooled, she is also terrible at cooking and gambling. If the player enters the Brothel route, her personality changes greatly mostly under the influence of the drug Dorian Gray gave her and teaching her his ideals.

She also has the same scent as Caramia’s first love, the girl they journeyed with before, and he tells her that reminded him of her.

In the anime, Fuka can only be seen at the evolving end credits sleeping on her desk while drawing the main cast on a sketchpad.

— Nicknames —
(This is incomplete; I will further update this as I play the game.)

  • Signorina (Ojou-san) = Caramia
  • Fuka-san = Kyrie
  • Fuka = Axel, Scarlet, Robin Hood
  • Fraulein (Ojou-chan) = Hamelin
  • Fuka baby (Fuka-chan) = Hansel
  • Little girl(?) = Gretel, Heidi
  • Lady Fuka (Fuka-sama) = Manboy
  • My lovely (Watashi no utsukushī hito) = Dorian Gray
  • My lovely Fuka (Fuka-chan)(?) = Alfani

— Character Sprites —
Throughout the game, her outfit also changes depending on a special scene.
An exception is her outfit from Grimmafia!! that’s only seen from that game.





I like to draw characters and write stories, and my hobbies are playing games and watching anime. Even if how I write seems enthusiastic and proper, I am quite a quiet and shy girl.

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