junkosakura01 a shy and quiet girl who is an otaku but is not entirely anti-social.

Born on April 1993, appearance is often mistaken for a teenager regardless of current age. Often a daydreamer and a sleepyhead, whose personality shifts between childish and serious regardless of time and situation.

Has a weakness for chocolates, sweets, cuteness, bunnies, anime, bishounen, and materials for drawing and writing.

As an introvert, all thoughts and ideas are mostly being expressed through writing in both written and digitally aside from drawing.

As an otaku, a fan of many titles and genres and an avid player of games such as RPG, rhythm games, and otome visual novels.

The title “Fleeting Randomness” and its tagline shows that there is no specific type of ideas and train of thought which also describes the author herself–anything can be written on whatever factors influenced.